Green Shoots of Hope for Wellington Garden

gardenWellington and Woodlands Community Garden are working out details to make our garden grow more this summer.   The Woodlands people will provide the expertise and some willing volunteers but it is expected that Wellington has some greenfingers itching to get started too.  So don’t be shy. Even if you don’t think you’ve got green fingers and only think you’d like to give growing things a try contact Robin Green.

The Woodlands Community Garden is located in West Princes Street at Queen’s Crescent near St George’s Road. There are plots there where people grow flowers and veg and fruit and they have social events too. The photograph shows some musicians who played at a recent open day when music and poetry were interspersed with the bird song and even glimpses of sunshine. Incidentally, the musician on the right with the baby on her back, has been one of the International Young Families coming to Wellington family gatherings in the crèche in recent times.

Every Monday at 6pm, the Woodlands people host a (free) meal in the Fred Paton Centre in nearby Carrington Street.  This is open to anyone who wants to drop in. An average of 40-60 people gather each week to enjoy the vegetarian meal together and chat and get to know one another. It is a very popular social event which has improved the quality of life (and eating habits) of many, many people.

Maybe some of the vegetables which might be grown in Wellington gardens will end up feeding the hungry on one of the Woodlands Monday nights!

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