The West End Christian Walking Club, now in its 31st year, will be tackling another section of the beautiful and fascinating ‘Border Abbeys Way’ on Saturday, June 11th. This circular walk is another of the growing number of Long Distance Ways in Scotland and the Club has already completed two sections from Tweedbank to Makerstoun, near Kelso, (2014); and from Kelso to Jedburgh (2015). This year we plan to walk from Selkirk back to Tweedbank, leaving further sections from Jedburgh to Hawick and on to Selkirk hopefully for future years.

A coach will be leaving from Hillhead Baptist Church in Cresswell Street at 8.30 am. The 84-mile journey to Selkirk will take about 2 hours but there is a (small) toilet on board. During the journey there will be time to examine the routes and notes and decide how much or how little you’d like to walk. We stop for coffee and scones in Selkirk before setting off. The day will end with a meal in either Tweedbank or Melrose before leaving for home. We are usually back in Glasgow about 9.30 to 10.00 pm. Border Abbeys Way

The walk is planned to suit walkers so the timings are approximate but with a coach available we usually have at least three points where walkers become tourists and vice versa. Thus you may choose to spend the morning exploring Selkirk before joining the coach to drive to the half-way point. Or you may choose to walk first before joining the coach to drive to Abbotsford for the afternoon. Or, of course, you can walk the whole way!

I haven’t reccéd this yet but we may have a mile together at the beginning and end with two longer sections of 5 or 6 miles (accompanied by a very long-suffering driver!) in between. I also haven’t booked the coffee/scones or evening meal.

However, I would expect the day will cost about £30 (£550 for the coach and driver being substantially subsidised from Walking Club funds.)

Since I’ve booked a 49-seater coach there may be occasional walkers who would like to join us just for this walk!  Unfortunately, I can’t promise you either an Abbey (been there, done that) or good weather. But if you are interested and would like to be kept in touch as the details are firmed up please speak to me or email us. You will also be able to find further details at wecwc.co.uk.

Glenda White

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