First aiders now in Wellington

Thirteen folk signed up for the St Andrew’s Ambulance First Aid training on Saturday 19 March 2016. Everyone survived the very full day session and all have been awarded certificates which qualify them to provide emergency First Aid at work and elsewhere for the next three years.  Around 30 people, working in a paid or a voluntary capacity for Wellington Church, qualify for such training.

first aidThe plan is for an annual opportunity to be given to gain these skills so that everyone, in time, can benefit from this knowledge. You can sign up now – for next year!

First, a detailed appraisal of the legislation covering health and safety at work was given by the trainer. That was an eye opener for a lot of people who were not aware of how extensive the laws are.  Procedures to take when an incident arises were then outlined.  Practical actions, such as resuscitating a person who is unconscious, were demonstrated and practised on dummies. These useful skills now enable the first thirteen to tend anyone in a variety of distressing situations.  The photograph show various people practising the current way to re-start a person’s heart by inflating the lungs followed by CPR – chest compressions.

Grace Franklin

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